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Dress Code

Please follow our Course Dress Code: Click here

Clubhouse Dress Code

Dress shall be of a clean, smart, casual and tidy appearance at all times.  We do not permit waterproof golf clothing or hats to be worn in the Clubhouse. Gentleman may wear casual slip-on shoes with no socks, but not sandals or flip-flops (although these may be worn on the patio during the summer months).

On the Course or Practice Areas


1. Golf wear specifically designed for the purpose of playing golf, men's shirts to be tucked in.
2. Footwear specifically designed for playing golf.
3. Tailored golf shorts or trousers.
4. With tailored shorts predominantly white ankle socks, white trainer liner socks or long socks.
5. Head wear as it is designed to be worn.


1. Non-golf shirts without collar or sleeves, t-shirts, vests, football/rugby shirts or any attire that could be considered beachwear.
2. Wearing of trainers, golf shoes without socks.
3. Normal dress socks unless wearing long trousers.
4. Cargo pants, combat trousers and trousers with drawstring waist or legs, jeans or track suit clothing.
5. Trousers tucked into socks (except Plus-4's & Plus-2's).

The Board of Directors have instructed management and staff working on behalf of Worthing Golf Club that, should they become aware of members or visitors not meeting this dress code in their judgment, they should politely inform the individual(s) and ask them tho change.  If the individual(s) choose not to do so they will be asked to leave the Clubhouse, course or practise areas.


Mobile telephones may be carried for emergency use only on the golf course.  The use of a mobile telephone is not permitted for voice communication either on the Golf Course or anywhere with the Clubhouse.

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