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Colt Course (Lower)

Of all Downland Links, Worthing Lower Course is widely regarded as the most interesting and the best test of play. The course as a whole is first class, but it is lifted out of the ordinary by the magnificent series of holes coming just before the turn in a picturesque valley known as Deep Bottom, under the shoulder of Cissbury Ring.

The Lower Course is not, perhaps absolutely typical of downland golf. When the club decided, soon after the First World War, to lay out a second eighteen-hole course, they called in the famous golf architect, Mr H S Colt, to redesign the whole scheme, and in place of the original course of 1905, he contrived with great ingenuity to layout the No. 1, or Lower Course, for the most part along the valley, and the No. 2 or the Upper Course, on the ridges above.

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