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5 Reasons to Play Golf

Renowned for bringing people together, golf is a sport that is suitable for all ages and all abilities. Exercising while socialising, focusing while relaxing, challenging while calming, here are 5 reasons to play golf if you’re considering a new hobby.

1 Golf is good for your health

Playing golf is fantastic cardiovascular exercise which brings numerous physical and mental health benefits. Swinging a golf club builds muscle and strengthens your core and if you pull or carry your golf bag instead of opting for the buggy you’ll be getting an even better workout. 

All that walking increases your heart rate which helps to lower your risk of heart disease and decrease cholesterol and could also help to prevent chronic diseases including heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and cancer.

At 3.7 miles, Worthing Golf Club’s Lower Course will add about 7400 steps to your daily total, burning up to 300 calories. Play the Upper Course too and expect to walk a total of 6.6 miles and burn more than 500 calories!

2 Golf reduces stress levels

Golf is well known for being a pastime that alleviates stress. The fresh air and beautiful countryside that are part and parcel of the wonderful game of golf help to release endorphins so we feel happy, relaxed and stress-free.

Add the social interaction and packed events calendar enjoyed by Worthing Golf Club members and you’ll wonder what you ever used to feel stressed about. We don’t know how anyone can walk our downland course with these stunning South Downs views, incredible wildlife, birds and flowers and find anything to feel anxious about… even the bunkers won’t get you down!

3 Golfers live longer

Golf is good for both our bodies and our minds and so it’s not surprising it can add on a few years. It’s true - playing golf can actually help you to live longer! Some major research in 2016 found that golf can increase your life expectancy by up to five years.

Also known to ward off dementia, golf can improve your quality of life in those extra years you’re gaining and you can’t put a price on that.

4 Learn new skills

At Worthing Golf Club, we strongly encourage people to take up golf. Our Academy Membership helps new beginners learn from scratch with professional coaching. An affordable way to get into golf, the Academy Membership gives you the coaching expertise, practice time and support you need to develop from beginner to confident golfer with a friendly group of like minded people.

And even for the seasoned golfer, there are always improvements to be made; honing skills and perfecting technique to beat your personal best and challenge yourself at competition level.

5 Make new friends

A wonderful way to connect with people and make new friends, golf is an extremely sociable sport. It’s a game that’s enjoyable to play with old friends and new, colleagues, partners, spouses and children, where anyone can compete with a different handicap.

With a busy competition calendar and fantastic social scene, Worthing Golf Club helps forge strong relationships that flourish both on the green and back at the club house.

Would you like to get into golf?

If you like the sound of improved health and well-being and an active and rich social life, why not get into golf?

We run regular FREE taster days for small groups to meet the coaches, view our course and club facilities and get their hands on a golf club. Or sign up to our Academy Membership and start your new hobby!

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